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When life gives you lemons, making lemonade isn’t your only option!  

So, what happens when you’re back at square one at age 50.  Suddenly back in a game, although never having experienced it, with less than adequate surviving skills at best. 


Meet Julia, a proud Cuban-American born and raised in an old school traditional Cuban family.  Divorced at 50 but ready to live, or better yet survive.  

Tossed into a lion pit of self-discovery, dating, online dating, happy hours, learning the value of friendship and the many facets of trust, including self…Julia’s journey begins.  

Follow her path down the rabbit hole of a new life all the way to paving the new passage towards her promising and exciting future.  

Endearing, relatable, funny and sweet are just a few words to describe Julia’s new world.  


It can be quite an awakening to be in only one relationship your entire life and all of a sudden you’re on your own.   That was the case for Julia.


With her traditional Cuban-American descent and upbringing, girls from Julia’s generation weren’t prepared for the life shattering and reconstructive journey that awaited her.  Starting from square one, Julia learns a world about herself and basically, who Julia is.


Nice and innocent yet stronger than she thought and resilient like a warrior, Julia surprises everyone but mainly and most importantly herself.    


Being Julia’s rock can be a challenge for anyone.  But for Ana though, a woman of strong character, integrity and endless compassion, Julia is a walk in the park…or should I say farm.


There comes a time when a friend enters a new realm and the ties go beyond blood.  A friend of over 25 years, Ana and Julia achieved what many friendships and relatives lack, a bond.


Ana is Julia’s refuge and her home a sanctuary.  In her house full of stray animals and love, Ana’s welcoming nature is where “you run home to” as Julia does.


Happily married, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, godmother and any other thing a human being can be to another human, Ana’s got it covered for blood and adoptees such as Julia.      


Young yet surprisingly mature 

beyond her years,  Roxy delivers a

mix of excitement, integrity and loyalty to Julia’s repertoire.   A work colleague turned friend, their undeniable connection renders the staggering age difference to a null.   Roxy was smart, relentless and an injection of youth serum into Julia’s young old self.  


Companions and support system to each other.  Roxy brings Julia a memory of her young self although polar opposites, and Julia brings Roxy a mother’s love in the absence of her own distant one.  


Friendship,  fun and allegiance are the adjectives that make this relationship work.    

Martha & Olga

Sometimes it takes a mirror image of yourself to figure things out—so why not have two.  They say birds of a feather flock together so when you find two other Cubans, raised the same way as you were, in the same predicament as you are now, attention must be taken.  That is when you form a trio and call it the three musketeers.


Close in age, our life experiences were similar but not exact, although equally precarious.  Completely different personalities and sometimes heading in different directions, nevertheless our voyages always led us down the same path.  The she-wolf pack. 


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