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Welcome to "Candela"


Hey guys, welcome to my blog, Candela.


I am so excited to share a piece of me with you—not only my baby, my book Soltera, but a hint of me on a personal level.


I wanted to open up a little and give you a little insight of how ‘Soltera’ came about.


I believe there is a little Julia in all of us latinas, especially Cuban women.  Julia, the lead character in Soltera, was raised traditionally from Cuban parents where you are basically on a front stage ready to be scrutinized, criticized and judged from the day you were born.  Latin families are very warm and giving but equally tough and non-forgiving, especially about things such as reputation and ‘lo que diran’ [what people will say].  You are raised with the idea in your head that certain things are wrong and that once you take that wrong step, you’re doomed forever and a frequent topic in other Cuban family households.  Essentially, embarrassing your family and condemning your upbringing.


Soltera began as somewhat of a memoir as to the difficulties and progression of growing and thriving after a divorce at a later stage of life.  Soltera grew from a mere self-expression into the novel and work of fiction you will read once it is released.   Yes folks, there are parts of Julia that mirror my own life but it is ‘fiction’ and I will never tell what portions really happened.  I’ll let you, my readers, figure those out, lol. 


Although I am whole now, full of joy and eagerly expectant and excited about my future, I wasn’t always as I am now.  Yes, I had friends, family and others to support me through my rough patches but sometimes you need a little more.   Everyone, especially friends and family, are ready and willing to give you the best advice and what the ‘right thing’ to do is.  However, I would have loved to have had just a person I could turn to who didn’t necessarily know me personally.  Somewhat of a stranger to share with and who could understand and knew exactly what I was going through.  

That is how and why I wrote Soltera.  Not quite a manual but sort of like something you could refer back to when you are afraid you’re messing up or feel as if nobody has ever gone through what you’re going through.  Believe me, I’ve been through a lot and if I haven’t yet experienced it, I’m sure either my friends have or other readers, such as you, have.  Together we can get through whatever it is, no judging ever. 

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.  I learned early in my process that I am never alone, even if I’m by myself at the moment, so don’t be. 

Tranquila, nunca estas sola.  [Chill, you’re never alone]  


Besitos y abrazos [Hugs and kisses]. 


Tu Amiga [Your Friend] Maite 

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